Hello, Human.

For those who don’t know me, hi. I am a human. I like to pet cats and eat peanut butter in my spare time (which I currently have very little of – time, that is, not cats or peanut butter). As a recent university graduate currently in the thralls of post-graduate study, I have a lot of feelings. Some of these feelings lead to thoughts which I occasionally think, “Hey, maybe someone else also has these thoughts”.

I love writing, I love reading, and most importantly, I love the internet. As scary and intimidating some of the deep, dark places of the internet can be, one of the many bonuses is that anyone can share their ideas with anyone else. That includes you, person reading this text. You have selected this blog out of thousands of other things you could be doing (including looking at cat videos, for which I couldn’t blame you). I thank you for that.

I hope some of my rambles give you pleasure, and that you can relate somewhat to the stories I plan to share. If you like games, life hacks, writing tips, food, and adventures, this blog might just be the place for you. Stick around, and you might evenĀ find something that has real meaning.